Looking in the Mirror Out

Looking in the Mirror Out

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a€œOf course, angels are real!a€ Maverick giggled to Nora over twenty years ago. She played with the baby, danced with Kat, and was very patient with Rant as she/he cursed in a fury within Noraa€™s psyche. Twenty years ago, these a€œpartsa€™a€ presences were known but didna€™t reveal themselves to the outer world of psychiatry or fully to Nora because they were misinterpreted as symptoms of schizo-affective disorder, depression, bipolar disorder, delusions, hallucinations, and psychosis. So they went back in Noraa€™s mind and waited patiently...to be heard. Patience ended in 2010 when Rant exploded and took hold of the steering wheel, literally. a€œLooking in the Mirror Outa€ is Noraa€™s experience as her a€œpartsa€ reveal themselves, uncensored, raw, and exhaustedly, as she and they get to know each other and work together in Noraa€™s inner and outer worlds. Their experiences are unique, yet, encompass surprisingly common themes with anyone living in todaya€™s world.The both of us shook my head ready to sit back and watch do-gooders save the world. The direction wea#39;ve seen the course of the ... Barack Obama was on The Daily Showa#39;s Rally for Sanity a day late on Hulu. Yes, Jon, you are back. I needed anbsp;...

Title:Looking in the Mirror Out
Author:Nora Nita Bates
Publisher:Author House - 2012-03-26


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