Lord, Let There Be Light

Lord, Let There Be Light

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Dealing with the painful and crippling traumatic experience of emotional and physical spousal abuse. In some cases, this every day occurrence can be down right deadly, to the spirit as well as the physical body. This author deals with the qdarkq side of human nature to emerge victorious in the qlightq. By painfully reconstructing her personal story of mental pain and physical anguish suffered through the hands of an emotionally unstable and spiritually crippled husband; she shows how she almost surrendered her very soul to the qdarkq forces that sought to destroy her through her marriage. Moving from victim to victor, she proves that there is life beyond the victim in the qshadowsq to achieve victory through the qLightq - Jesus Christ our Lord. Sandra J. Scott is a native of Kansas City, Kansas and has endured the trauma of spousal abuse first hand. Her overcoming this hardship in life is due mainly to the Lord Almighty and her belief in herself.Then when Hyde would come home from his second job tired, worn and sleepy, and after attempting to unlock his door so that he could fall blissfully in a ... Also, putting glue in all his keyholes to the car, and placing some down the radiator.

Title:Lord, Let There Be Light
Author:Sandra Scott
Publisher:iUniverse - 2000-07-01


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