Lose Weight, Stay in Shape, Lead a Healthy Life

Lose Weight, Stay in Shape, Lead a Healthy Life

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How can you enjoy unlimited vigor, health, and happiness throughout life? a€bAnd if you get sick, how can you get a fast, guaranteed recovery? How can you eat as much as you desire, while remaining slim and attractive, enjoying an abundant, youthful vitality, forever? How can you prolong your life, as much as possible? These are not simple, rhetoric questions, but very essential matters in life, you know it, and this is exactly why you keep on searching for their answers. You may definitely achieve all of the above! It all depends only on the amount of control that you have over your subconscious mind, and through it, over your body. a€bAnd this is exactly what you want: complete control over your body, over its shape and appeal, over its state, functions and behavior. How can you get it? There are many ways, since there are many types of control that you may exert over your own body. Let us study them! There is the direct, forced control using Medicine. Pills may guide the activity of your mind and body, yet their success is guaranteed only statistically, with significant side effectsa€b If you are happy with your surgeries, food additives, pills, shots and vaccines, then Medicine is your answer! Alternative medicine uses natural remedies, yet it is relatively similar to conventional medicine in practice and results, both offering rigid methods of controlling your body, yet they never teach you exactly how your body works, nor how to control it yourselfa€b Cults, religions, and eastern traditions may offer you the chance to control everything in life, including your body, through specific rituals, prayers, and meditation, yet again, you never learn to control your body directly, but indirectly, through holly intermediaries, or through strict rituals, more or less occult. If you have already tried these throughout life, if they do not work for you, or if they make matters worse, and if you are still searching for answers, then let knowledge be the key to all your answers, indeed! How can you control your body and subconscious mind? Surprisingly, you cannot, or at least not rigidly, the way you may expect, nor entirely, the way you certainly desire, regardless of how much you ever try, regardless of what you may ever attempt, since you will always make matters worse! Why? Because your subconscious knows better and probably already tried it! You are a compound living being, and your body and subconscious mind are distinct parts of yourself, having the same goals in life as you do! The only way that you may control them, is to learn as much as possible about your entire compound self, about your cells, your organs, your entire body, your subconscious mind, your conscious mind, your entire higher self, and more importantly, to learn how to work together with them all, how to cooperate and exist in tandem with them, in order to achieve your common goals throughout life: continuous, sustained happiness, health and vitality, homeostasis, which includes constant bodily weight, continuous health, avoidance of death, among others, while still performing your usual, intended activity. Note that these goals are only a small part of your entire personal list of wishes, while they are already main priorities for your entire self, since birth. Be very, very careful when attempting to control rigidly your body or subconscious mind for any reason, for any wish or priority! If you follow misleading procedures, you might cause your distinct parts of yourself to work against each other while trying desperately to achieve the same goals! a€bAnd this is exactly what happens today, not only with you! This is why people gain weight exactly when they try to lose it. This is why people lose their happiness, health, energy and vitality exactly when they try to get more through all means, and this is why people get worse or die during conventional medical treatment, while all that they ever seek is extra health and a fast recovery. a€bAnd this is exactly why life quality and expectancy decrease today, despite all the wonderful achievements of our civilization. Let us find these answers now! Let us learn how to maintain the harmony among the entire self! Let us find common grounds while achieving all goals and priorities throughout life! Let the study begin!Not only this, but obesity combined with drugs triggers so many illnesses at the same time that your body will never be capable to ... enjoy what you eat, and eat more of it, to caffeine, dopamine, cigarettes, alcohol, and so on, all the way up to the strongest drugs. ... It feels good to drink a can of beer, it releases your stress, and it is very tempting, yet, the good feeling does not last long, and then you have toanbsp;...

Title:Lose Weight, Stay in Shape, Lead a Healthy Life
Author:Valentin Matcas
Publisher:Valentin Matcas -


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