Lose Your Mummy Tummy

Lose Your Mummy Tummy

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Pregnancy naturally separates a mother's outermost abdominal muscles to make room for her growing uterus. Called a diastasis, this separation doesn't fully close up in 98 percent of new moms. The larger the diastasis, the weaker the muscles and the greater chance for mom to develop back problems down the road. Of perhaps greater concern for moms, new and veteran alike, the larger the diastasis, the bigger the belly that just won't seem to go away after baby's delivery!Lose Your Mummy Tummy introduces the Tupler Technique, a set of deceptively simple abdominal and breathing exercises that decrease the diastasis and result in a firmer, flatter, and stronger belly. Like Kegels-those all-important and privately-practiced pregnancy exercises-the Tupler Technique can be practiced almost anywhere and at anytime. Including illustrations for a 15 or a 30-minute at-home exercise routine, Lose Your Mummy Tummy ensures: A tighter, flatter stomach A smaller waistline A reduction or elimination of back pain The ability to safely lift your baby and heavy objects More energy Better posture The perfect preparation for your next pregnancyYou can buy these in shoe, drug, and athletic-supply stores. ... Foot Exercise #1 ( Toe Curl) Herea#39;s one you can do standing, sitting, or lying down. ... Next, curl your toes up like an inchworm and hold there for a few seconds, then release.

Title:Lose Your Mummy Tummy
Author:Julie Tupler, Jodie Gould
Publisher:Da Capo Press - 2007


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