Losing It?

Losing It?

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Losing It? The Psychology of Losing Weight and Never Finding it Again is a step-by-step guide to solving a weight problem once and for all-without dieting-as well as author John Whitney's personal story using this technique. Whitney was inspired to lose over 100 pounds after attending a course on the Cornerstone life management method in 1983. Using this approach, the author solved a lifelong weight problem, maintains the weight loss to this day, and even managed to do something previously as unimaginable as running The New York Marathon. In addition to assisting with the Cornerstone seminars, Whitney has written Losing It? to make the concepts available to a wider audience. He has maintained the weight loss for over 20 years without dieting, and continues to follow the Cornerstone Concept today. The Cornerstones provide the infrastructure to lose weight permanently and the tools to re-invent yourself, as you truly want to be. If you have tried endless fad diets only to find yourself more miserable than when you started, Losing It? The Psychology of Losing Weight and Never Finding it Again provides the solution you have been seeking-without dieting! Visit www.LosingIt.com on the Web.Well, maybe movie theater popcorn is bad. The strange thing is that it never made me fat. Ia#39;ve been eating it for years now, long after I lost all of my fat, and it never made me get fat again. I didna#39;t see it make anybody else in the theater gettinganbsp;...

Title:Losing It?
Author:John Whitney
Publisher:iUniverse - 2003-04-30


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