Lou Manfredini's House Smarts

Lou Manfredini's House Smarts

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Lou Manfredini, aka Mr. Fix-It, is the trusted friend every homeowner wishes he or she hada€”someone who knows houses. In his fun, friendly, fully illustrated guide for both inexperienced and seasoned homeowners, he takes you through your entire house and around the yard, showing you how it all works and what to do when it doesna€™t. The result: Youa€™ll have a clear understanding of the systems that make up your house and gain the expert knowledge to proceed with any job, big or smalla€”whether youa€™re hiring a contractor or doing it yourself. Discover a€c How your house works: an anatomy lesson a€c The wonders of watera€”where it comes from and where it goes a€c Getting wireda€”the magic of electricity a€c Windowsa€”ways to bring in the sunshine and keep out the drafts a€c The joys of being flooreda€”good floor construction and maintenance a€c Wall powera€”ita€™s not whata€™s on them but whata€™s in them that counts a€c Decorating secrets the pros dona€™t like to share Plus Lou Manfredinia€™s sixty-minute home inspection, an essential tool list, and an ABC glossary of terms: from air duct to weather stripping! From the Trade Paperback edition.let light. called low-emissivity or aquot;low-eaquot; glass, is standard in most new quality windows, and can reduce UV raysa€”those nasty ... caulking can go a long way toward making windows enet; yetficient. and they are a lot more cost-ettective. Yet in many instances it is time to replace the windows, whether because the frames are rotted, the mechanism is outdated, or theya#39;re simply not functioning anymore.

Title:Lou Manfredini's House Smarts
Author:Lou Manfredini
Publisher:Ballantine Books - 2010-06-09


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