Love Data

Love Data

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Love Data is an engaging tragicomedy set in the near future and explores the clash of love, cloning and indulgence.Bill is an inventor with futuristic vices and ambitious experiments on his mind: To use technology to trial his version of creative artificial intelligence, and bring back a dead lover, Jessy. He needs a breakthrough and he needs help. But the only aid he can find is from Casper, a wholesaler of clone androids to the sex-industry. Casper wishes to help Bill and create history by donating two androids: Betty and Jane.But Betty and Jane prove more cunning by taking on a life of their own. Does any experiment go to plan?Billa#39;s deceptively spaciously crafted apartment was insanely small and in a young affluent manner bare and minimalist, not because ... A door led from his bedroom to the bathroom, forming the middle third. Toilet, shower, basin and rails were made of hardened transparent glass which though at one stage won prestigious anbsp;...

Title:Love Data
Author:Simon Drake
Publisher:Simon Drake - 2005-09-07


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