Love, Lattes and Danger

Love, Lattes and Danger

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Ita€™s a dirty job, but some mutanta€™s got to do ita€b Joel Eisler is a mutant with special talents. He can detect an oil leak in the ocean simply by tasting the water. Because of this unique ability, hea€™s been purchased by a large oil company, along with his dolph sister, Amy. The upside of spending his days and nights in the ocean is that it gives him the opportunity to save the lives of his brother dolphins. The downsides are life as a closely monitored slavea€”and that he cana€™t be with Piper, the dolph-girl he lovesa€b To make matters worse, Joel discovers the lab he grew up in has extracted his sperm and Pipera€™s egg and created a baby, and his handler, Craven, is plotting to kidnap Amy for more experiments. Now Joel must rescue the infant, bring her to Piper, and find a way to save Amy. And if thata€™s not enough of a challenge, he needs to convince Piper she belongs with him instead of her all-too-human boyfrienda€”if Craven doesna€™t get to them firsta€b 60, 000 Wordsa€œShe just needs to rest and build her strength back up.a€ He clears his throat. His voice becomes guarded. a€œHe wouldna#39;t even let me do a compatibility match. Or check to see what type she is. All hushhush. a#39;National securitya#39; is what he said.

Title:Love, Lattes and Danger
Author:Sandra Cox
Publisher:Lyrical Press - 2015-08-04


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