Love Potion #9

Love Potion #9

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Italy, August 1420: A gypsy named Lilith sees her lover hanged for a crime he didn't commit. On the gallows, he swears to return to her. Convinced that one day hea€™ll be reborn, she searched for a fabled elixir a€” rumored to grant immortality... Toronto, August 1999: Waiting has taken its toll on Lilith, now a fortune-teller with a gift for matchmaking. So she concocts her strongest love potion ever. She is certain her magic has worked when the spitting image of her one true love moves in next door. A very practical a€” and skeptical a€” single father, Mitch Davison is intrigued by Lilitha€™s passionate welcome, yet suspicious of her motives. After all, hea€™s never believed in magic a€” and hasna€™t believed in love since his wife left him. But when Lilith doubts her own intuition, ita€™s Mitch who must convince her that the greatest gift of all is the talent to follow your own heart...a€œWell, dona#39;t sign any prenuptial agreements before yourlawyer reads them!a€ he called behindher and ... a€œWhat ifI make youa list?a€ he suggested. a€œOh, all those ... sighed in mock concession. a€œBut I suppose Icould beconvinced tofollow a list.

Title:Love Potion #9
Author:Claire Delacroix
Publisher:Deborah A. Cooke - 2013-02-15


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