Love to the Last Breath

Love to the Last Breath

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qIf I ever get married, my marriage won't have any problems, because I'm going to be a perfect husband and father.q Is the idealistic young lawyer Jeffery Schiller asking for too much? Will he spend a lifetime looking for his soulmate or settle for someone, or something, less than perfect? Is falling in love and getting married a sure prescription for happiness? Love to the Last Breath is destined to capture your imagination and break your heart in the process of answering these, and other, questions. Spanning twenty-five years, the well wrought cast of characters and focussed plot drive this sweet, romantic dramedy onward. Serving the reader a pinch of mystery, a sprinkle of wisdom, and a drizzling of humour makes for a cornucopia of delicious reading. Love to the Last Breath is always entertaining. Yet with its underlying philosophical outlook, it demonstrates a love story need not be frivolous. The main characters are appealing individuals with strong family values and high moral standards. Passages flow, join forces, and build up like waves, each in turn, making you laugh, shed a tear and pause to contemplate your own life. Romantic, hilarious, heart-wrenching, and inspiring, this book is perfect for readers who believe at least in the possibility of finding the love of one's life. So, curl up on the couch with this book and a cup of hot chocolate-of course, with a marshmallow to float on top. Jeffery himself would settle for nothing less!Did you know for twenty-five years your mother fell asleep in my arms every night ? When I wake up, ... a€œDad, have a good cry with me.a€ a€œAngel, Ia#39;m tired ... a€œDeena, there is only so much understanding and patience a new husband can have, no matter how beautiful his wife is. The last thing ... your husband, be with him, love him, and do everything you can for him to make yourselves happy. Be a good wifeanbsp;...

Title:Love to the Last Breath
Author:Daniel D. Narwa
Publisher:Trafford Publishing - 2002-03-01


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