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Thoroughly updated to conform to new ANSI/TIA/EIA standards! THE CLEAREST, MOST AUTHORITATIVE TELECOM CABLE INSTALLATION GUIDE EVER! Integrating and delivering voice, data and video is big business. With telecom networking and installation expected to grow well beyond the $4.2 billion mark, there now exists an acute need for trained and qualified cable installers. Thata€™s why industry leaders McGraw-Hill and BICSI have joined forces to deliver the most reliable cable installation training manual available. Based on BICSIa€™s proven and internationally respected cabling instruction guide a€” and updated to conform to the most recent industry standards a€” this second edition features new information on international standards and codes, Division 17, advanced construction materials, retrofit projects, laying out the telecommunications room, furniture module systems and more. INSIGHT YOU CAN USE ON THE JOB RIGHT NOW! Renowned for careful research, precise writing and an easy-to-understand format, BICSIa€™s Telecommunication Cabling Installation is a hands-on guide and overview of the installation procedures that ensure complex telecom cabling systems work properly and efficiently. The BICSI manuala€™s easy-to-use format: * Presents a standards-based industry orientation * Breaks each task into bulleted steps * Provides to-the-point overviews of each taska€™s place in a€œthe big picturea€ * Focuses on pathways, spaces, associated hardware, and structured cabling systems to enable channel/link testing within buildings * Gives guidelines for installing supporting structures, pulling cable, firestopping, grounding, terminating, splicing, connection, testing, troubleshooting, retrofitting, safety, and transmission * Covers LANs, twisted pair, fiber, Gigabit Ethernet a€” every system installers need to know * Reduces errors with handy checklists * Is an excellent reference for anyone needing clear cable installation guidelines, parameters, codes, terms, and acronyms * Has been field-tested by tens of thousands of technicians in 85 countriesDuring any service work, the cabling installer should visually inspect bonding connections. Once a ground ... Exposed cables Bond and ground exposed cable shields and metallic sheath members according to manufacturera#39;s installation instructions. They should be ... The system practices outlined here are commonly applied to commercial buildings and were derived from PBX installation practices .

Publisher:McGraw Hill Professional - 2002-10-28


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