Lua Game Development Cookbook

Lua Game Development Cookbook

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The Lua language allows developers to create everything from simple to advanced applications and to create the games they want. Creating a good game is an art, and using the right tools and knowledge is essential in making game development easier. This book will guide you through each part of building your game engine and will help you understand how computer games are built. The book starts with simple game concepts used mainly in 2D side-scroller games, and moves on to advanced 3D games. Plus, the scripting capabilities of the Lua language give you full control over game. By the end of this book, you will have learned all about the components that go into a game, created a game, and solved the problems that may arise along the way.Whata#39;s more, graphic card manufacturers try to extend these standard OpenGL functions with so-called extensions. ... You can always get the full list from the OpenGL reference manual page for the glGet function, which you can find on the webanbsp;...

Title:Lua Game Development Cookbook
Author:Mário Kašuba
Publisher:Packt Publishing Ltd - 2015-07-28


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