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Philip Horkman is a happy man, the owner of a pet store called The Wine Shop, and on Sundays a referee for a local kidsa€™ soccer league. Jeffrey Peckerman is the proud and loving father of a star athlete in the girlsa€™ ten-and-under soccer league, and hea€™s not exactly happy with the ref. The two of them are about to collide in a swiftly escalating series of events that will send them running for their lives, pursued by the police, soldiers, subversives, bears, revolutionaries, pirates, and a black ops team that does not exist. Where all that takes them you cana€™t even begin to guess, but the literary journey there is a masterpiece of inspiration, chaos, and unadulterated, well, lunacy. And they might even learn a lesson or two along the way.a€œI hopeyou like quesadilla de harina de yuca rellena con camaronesyqueso, a€ said Ramona as we walked ona gravel path from the driveway to thefront door.a€œ Thata#39;s what I make fordinnerevery Monday.a€ I washungry. Famished, infact. Sohungryanbsp;...

Author:Dave Barry, Alan Zweibel
Publisher:Penguin - 2012-01-10


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