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Buried Nazi treasure, intelligence tradecraft, assassination methods, romance, tragedy and an unsolved mystery are all a part of this novel. Lunersee: The story has elements of truth throughout. In April 1945 in the closing months of World War II in Europe, many Nazis and SS officers were going into hiding or attempting to flee to the Mideast or South America. Some SS officers who were at the Nazi detah camp at Dachau accumulated much gold, melted down from teeth of the prisoners, and other valuables. There were some officers who fled Dachau with several containers of gold, precious stones and other valuables and eventually buried it at Lunersee, near the Austrian-Swiss border. They then crossed over into Switzerland, planning on returning someday to reclaim it. The story then becomes more complicated with the involvement of American Intelligence, Israeli intelligence (MOSSAD), Arab terrorists and the returning ex-Nazis. It is not just a hodge-podge of incidents thrown together but an actual fitting together of a series of events culminating in an qexplosive endingq and a surprise outcome in Lugano Switzerland. The story has already been reviewed by the Central Intelligence Agency. The reviewers all were impressed by its authenticity insofar as tradecraft is concerned. Many characters in the story actually existed and qthe gold is still there.qWilli Gross - Doctor Wilhelm Gross, Kurt thought to himself. How that brings back memories, some good and some very unpleasant, some painful. Kurt had met Willi years ago when he was first assigned to Vienna, Austria and not long after hisanbsp;...

Author:Edward G. Greger M. D., Edward G. Greger
Publisher:Trafford Publishing - 2009-10


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