Lust, Money, Envy

Lust, Money, Envy

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In the city of New York, where it all begins for Dice. As he finds himself trapped in the street life that he is eagerly trying to get away from that is plagued by death , betrayal and loneliness. Dice eventually becomes immune to his pain and emptiness by becoming a ruthless individual with no remorse. Until he discovers a new meaning of life , but like with anything else in this world thata€™s valuable , it comes with a steep price. A price that can cost him his life or the ones he love. Before ita€™s too late Dice must decide which road to take in his journey throughout life thata€™s fueled by pain and love. Lust, Money, Envy brings you to the door step of it all as the truth reveals ita€™s self. Even the truth could be interpreted as a lie.I would like to thank all of those who have supported me from day one watching as my work manifested itself. ... My brother Earl who always been my right hand man and my soldier you are a trooper Kid. ... you installed so much into me growing up, although we used to fight all the time like boys do before they become men.

Title:Lust, Money, Envy
Author:Antonio Harriston
Publisher:iUniverse - 2014-04-25


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