Lycra, Lattes and the Long Way Round

Lycra, Lattes and the Long Way Round

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a€˜As I drew closer to the town of Pont-de- Vaux... I found myself thinking of some of the places Ia€™d passed through. There were so many tiny hamlets, villages and larger towns, some vibrant and fine-looking, others lifeless, run down and in dire need of repair. Then there were, of course, the countless numbers of French people who had helped me piece together the jigsaw of roads along my way. The places I was riding through werena€™t quite the same, but there was that unmistakable pungent smell of agriculture in the air and the sight of fat cows chomping lazily on mouthfuls of grass. It was vastly different from the Hautes-Alps and the bustling stretch of Mediterranean coast, but full of its own charm and character nonetheless.a€™ Beginning with the idea of tackling some of Europea€™s most formidable mountains on his road bike, Mark Krieger, along with his wife Roz, started his journey around France - from the medieval town of Langres - and instantly fell in love with the country. Known for its history, culture, fine cuisine and above all, its cycling, it became the perfect setting for a a€œToura€ of a lifetime.They all seemed so out of the way that they made life on a bike free and easy, even when ita#39;s raining. While ambling along ... Though Ia#39;dvisited many ofeach, sometimes telling the difference was almostas difficult as trying to find the correct way out of them. Inall my 55years ... Generally speaking, size and population offer the biggest differences between the types of places I encountered. Cities dona#39;t needanbsp;...

Title:Lycra, Lattes and the Long Way Round
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2011-11-11


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