Mañana Doesn’t Mean Tomorrow

Mañana Doesn’t Mean Tomorrow

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A unbelievably, ridiculously, painfully, delightfully true sailing, land and love adventure in Mexico. Imagine Jimmy Buffett as the first mate, Dr. Wayne Dyer as the cook, Ernest Hemingway the helmsman and Jack London as the navigator and you get a pretty good idea about the crew in the author's head who helped shape this adventure. And they all get their share of the story. David owned and operated a real estate brokerage for many years in Northern California. Learning to sail on San Francisco Bay and visiting Mexico he soon discovered it was a combination he could not resist. During a visit to Mazatlan he determined he would chuck his brokerage life in California, bring a sail boat to that beach town and try his hand at the charter business. Sacrificing home and hearth and qsecurityq at the altar of a mid-life Mexican dream cost him his business and marriage. Undeterred, he found a vintage ketch, made it ready for the ocean, and cast off. Come join the odyssey of sailing to Mazatlan -- dealing with Mexican qpartnersq negotiating tourist ladies, expats, the federales (almost being thrown into a Mexican jail), laughter, lust, love and the adventure of a lifetime.I paid Jerry explaining Ia#39;d be gone this afternoon, left a tip for the maid, and tossed my gear into the Jeep, discovering in the ... and worn-out flip-flops, who operated a tire repair shop in an open shanty with a corrugated iron roof over a dirt floor.

Title:Mañana Doesn’t Mean Tomorrow
Author:David Kindopp - 2011


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