Mac OS X v. 10.2 Jaguar Killer Tips

Mac OS X v. 10.2 Jaguar Killer Tips

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Mac OS X Killer Tips is not another newbie book. OS X Killer Tips speaks directly to the daily Mac user who needs to get the most out of their Mac NOW. qNothin' but sidebars!q Time is money. And a lot of experienced users find themselves trying to save time by skimming through larger computer books in order to pull out the useful nuggets of info that are often placed within what we call sidebars (i.e. those Note/Tip/Warning boxes). The Killer Tips series was developed by Scott Kelby because he recognized how useful non-beginning technology users find those cool qI didn't know THATq sidebars that are peppered all over the other computer books out there. This book is all about speed; showing the Mac professional how to get more work done faster, while actually increasing quality. The whole concept is to help make the reader faster and more productive than ever using their Mac. In an ever-tightening and competitive marketplace, this kind of book is sorely needed.But make no mistake about ita€”Il/lac OS X isn a#39;t the first Apple operating system to include wildly annoying features. ... a#39;s a hint, just a hint, of that type of stufl in Mac OS X, but this chapter will help you exorcise those demons fast! Stopping the Software Auto-Updating Menace The idea is greata€”whenever a new piece of software is released to update your ... The problem? It always, always opens at the wrong time: when youa#39;re on deadline, when youa#39;re five minutes from leaving theanbsp;...

Title:Mac OS X v. 10.2 Jaguar Killer Tips
Author:Scott Kelby
Publisher:New Riders - 2002-09-26


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