Machines in Our Hearts

Machines in Our Hearts

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As Jeffrey shows, the pacemaker (first implanted in 1958) and the ICD (1980) embody a paradox of high-tech health care: these technologies are effective and reliable but add billions to the nation's medical bill because of the huge growth in the number of patients who depend on implanted devices to manage their heartbeats.The Cardiac Pacemaker, the Implantable Defibrillator, and American Health Care Kirk Jeffrey ... by providing better coordination between the contractions of the hearta#39;s upper and lower chambers, more closely emulated nature and offered important physiological benefits to the patient. ... this attracted many doctors affiliated with community hospitals and many who did pacemaker work as one part of theiranbsp;...

Title:Machines in Our Hearts
Author:Kirk Jeffrey
Publisher:JHU Press - 2003-04-01


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