Macromolecular Engineering

Macromolecular Engineering

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The book provides a state of the art description of the synthetic tools to precisely control various aspects of macromolecular structure including chain composition, microstructure, functionality and topology as well as modern characterization techniques at molecular and macroscopic level for various properties of well-defined (co)polymers in solution, bulk and at surfaces. The book addresses also the correlation of molecular structure with macroscopic properties additionally affected by processing. Finally, some emerging applications for the (co)polymers are highlighted.... 1529 - true molecular resolution 1527 molecular weight control 310 molecular wires 2255 Money-Rivlin dependence 1713 monoclonal ... 1251 - spraying 1251 - styrenyl 677 Monte Carlo (MC) method 1435-1438 - classical Monte Carlo approach 1436 - local particle move ... 481 multiblock stereocopolymers 124 - chain-end control mechanism (CEM) 124 - site-control mechanism (SCM) 124 multichainanbsp;...

Title:Macromolecular Engineering
Author:Krzysztof Matyjaszewski, Yves Gnanou, Ludwik Leibler
Publisher:Wiley-VCH - 2007-04-02


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