Madison Women Remember:

Madison Women Remember:

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Madison is Wisconsin's capital city and the qland of the four lakes.q Since the city's founding 150 years ago, rich and poor have lived in close proximity surrounded by the beautiful lakes, a fact that has played a role in the city's aspirations toward social justice and a good quality of life for all its residents. Celebrate Madison's 150th birthday as women born between 1915 and 1957 reminisce about growing up here. Meet their families and friends, enjoy their pastimes, and ultimately follow them through their experience of an adventure everyone shares--coming of age at a particular place and time, receiving its stamp on one's character, values, and ambitions. These moving, entertaining first-person accounts gleaned from oral history interviews with women from a wide range of backgrounds reveal the changing nature of Madison over time.went down, and Joe was cutting somebodya#39;s hair, and my father asked, aquot;Are they going to butcher our pigs pretty soon? ... We would ladle it over the ice cream or sometimes theya#39;d put it over pound cake. The fruit never lost its color or shape.

Title:Madison Women Remember:
Author:Sarah White
Publisher:Arcadia Publishing - 2006-04-12


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