Madly Chasing Peace

Madly Chasing Peace

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Many people know that there is truth to behind the theory that thoughts and emotions affect the physical body, but not many know exactly how it works, or more importantly, how to use this knowledge to affect physical healing. Dina's story is her raw, real experience which takes readers from the hell of suicidal depression and addiction where she started, through how out of sheer desperation- she developed the 3x3 meditation technique which has been the key to her physical, mental and emotional healing. The book gives readers concrete steps on how they can use her 3x3 technique to get results in their own lives. Taking just 9 minutes per day, Dina's 3x3 meditation has enabled her healing from alcohol and food addiction, regulating high blood sugar and cholesterol, weight loss and even relationships with others. The key is not spending hours on end in meditation or visualization practice, but to engage multiple times per day in shorter bursts to consistently interrupt old thought patterns and negative thinking.It took so much out of me to act happy at work and with my friends that all I wanted to do when I was alone was lie on my couch and watch TV. ... I had even changed my name, adding Proctor (my Grammya#39;s maiden name) as my last name after my Grammy passed away. ... I thought changing my name might help me recreate my identity and give me a fresh start as a new and hopefully happier person, likeanbsp;...

Title:Madly Chasing Peace
Author:Dina Proctor
Publisher:Morgan James Publishing - 2012-10-01


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