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For Milton Glass, his job as a journalist is his sole passion. Hea€™s always searching for something intriguing or sensational to investigate. That mission is answered when hea€™s in Ecuador accepting an award recognizing his excellent journalistic endeavors. An anonymous patron hires Glass to investigate the murder of Bolivian author, David Charles Millares, a man who created a new paradigm for Bolivian history. Glass discovers that the author held different views of religion and wrote about them in his popular book, Strange Dreams. Glass wonders if Millares was a victim of some fantastic ideology. His investigation leads him around the world, and likely suspects include satanic sects, fanatical Mormons, and bands of international suspects. Throughout the journey, he falls in love with his travel companion, Katya DAsaz. But on the cusp of identifying the killer, he must confront Nickolay Golomitsky in Zurich who claims to sustain the entire basis to exterminate the Jewish race by stopping Millaresa€™ new concepts. Glass needs to discern what role religion plays in his investigation. What more does he need to know about God and religion?Vancouver is a city similar to any in the United States but without the same problems, that is to say, therea#39;s practically no ... This beautiful city[9] squandering money with marble[10] buildings, the motorways interminably have walls adorned with creeper making the journey more ... Glass hired a Dodge and went to the Hotel Holiday Inn. In the lobby they told that there was no reservation in his name andanbsp;...

Author:John Paul Paz Soldan
Publisher:iUniverse - 2010-06-16


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