Major Dad

Major Dad

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Conveniently Wed BRADY ROSS ALWAYS DID THE RIGHT THINGa€b And that meant finding the daughter he hadn't known existed. But when he encountered his child's guardian, he found himself wavering. Not just because Haven Adams wouldn't give up little Anna without a fighta€”but because she awakened explosive longings a jaded soldier didn't dare explore. Brady had fully intended to claim his child. Yet somehow, he couldn't do ita€”or walk away. So when Anna's inheritance-seeking relatives sought custody, the solution seemed simple: a short, platonic marriage, followed by a guilt-free divorce. They agreed it was necessarya€”but it was also dangerous. Because the moment Brady and Haven said qI do, q everything changeda€b. They married for conveniencea€bbut can love be far behind?Why are you trying to make me feel in the wrong here?aquot; aquot;Ia#39;m just looking at this the way the Zieglarsa#39; ... They never visited her, or let her come home for the holidays, or even so much as sent her a birthday card.aquot; The lawyer shook his head.

Title:Major Dad
Author:Shelley Cooper
Publisher:Harlequin - 2011-07-15


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