Make a Fortune in the Wellness Industry

Make a Fortune in the Wellness Industry

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In this Book, You Will Learn About * The Current Unsustainable a€œSickness-Baseda€ Healthcare System * The Wellness Alternative: Preventive Healthcare Solutions * How To Profit From the New Opportunity of the One Trillion Dollar Industry in the Making The healthcare industry in the United States is getting ready to undergo a major revision. The fundamental paradigm of care will shift from treating those who are already sick to adopting new models of preventative care to help those who are still well and want to stay that way. This is a revolutionary change to healthcare that is going to save the country billions of dollars in revenue. Believe me, that revenue isna€™t just going to disappear. Ita€™s going to change hands. And if you follow the instructions Ia€™ve set forth in this book, those hands could be yours! This book is all about seeing whata€™s happening in our world and using our creative minds to make a profit from it. Ia€™ve done it before, Ia€™ve seen it done, and I know you can do it because Ia€™m here to help you. All you have to do is believe in yourself, grasp this golden opportunity and soon youa€™ll be profiting more than you ever dreamed possible from the Wellness revolution. To Your Success! SelvaDonuts, however, are pretty tasty. Just look at that glaze! Donutsand coffee go hand and hand. How manytimes haveyou seen anyone dip apples in coffee? You know donuts have no nutritional value whatsoever and that while donuts are anbsp;...

Title:Make a Fortune in the Wellness Industry
Author:Selva Sugunendran
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2012-10-24


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