Make Believe: Book 1 - The Last Playground

Make Believe: Book 1 - The Last Playground

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When Brinn Adamma€™s mother passed away from cancer, the fifteen-year old girl said goodbye to her imaginary friends. Two years later her best friend begins receiving messages from Brinna€™s mother. The imaginary friends returna€”and they arena€™t pleased. Brinn always possessed the ability to bring make-believe characters to life. So did her uncle, Neal Stauch. The little boy died accidentally three and a half decades before, but the world he created carried on. Ita€™s a dying land populated with troubled characters desperately searching for a new creatora€”a modern-day keeper with the same incredible genes capable to start their world over again. From Neala€™s forgotten world comes a rag-tag bunch of washed up figures a generation out of timea€”rusted robots consumed with guilt, disillusioned super-heroes too far gone and far too fat to fit their spandex costumes, a bitter, homicidal lawman out of the Old West, and a Bible-quoting scientist abandoned in a distant galaxy. Brinn begrudgingly sets out to help, aided by her own band of imaginary twenty-first century friendsa€”a sword-wielding barbarian woman, a sex-starved wizard boy, and his pregnant, vampire girlfriend. But Neala€™s imaginary world is populated with other survivors. They have changed even more drastically. And they want what the little boy hada€”what his present-day niece still hasa€”and theya€™ll kill to get it.a€œHow long?a€ Nancy asked as she made her way to the bed. She worked the blankets up, containing as much of the rattling candy as she could. a€œHow long what, Mommy?a€ a€œHow long have you been able to do... this?a€ Brinn shooed the rabbitsanbsp;...

Title:Make Believe: Book 1 - The Last Playground
Author:Geoff North
Publisher:Geoff North - 2015-09-01


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