Make Me a Baby

Make Me a Baby

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In this Essential Guide to Conception, Pregnancy and Birth, Dr Simon Akins and Dr Cecilia Pyper unravel the science and present the latest and most reliable evidence for making babies. a€cDiscover the best time for sex for conception a€cUnderstand the impact of stress on your ability to conceive. a€cLearn how to maintain a healthy pregnancy through the First, Second and Third trimesters a€cDiscover what to expect during birth and how best to prepare. Drawing on the unique conception study led by Dr Cecilia Pyper at Oxford University, Dr Atkins and Dr Pyper reveal important new findings for conception so you can sort the facts from the fiction for the best routes to conceive. In the step-by-step guide through pregnancy and birth the authors also enable you to be best placed to know what to expect and to make informed choices with practical tips of how to stay in good health, advice about the developments that will occur across your pregnancy and possible complications that can arise and how to handle them.At times some kicks will be literally breathtaking. Your baby is also limbering up for life after delivery by learning how to suck its thumb and cry. The bones are now fully developed but they will stay soft until after delivery. In the skull this isanbsp;...

Title:Make Me a Baby
Author:Simon Atkins
Publisher:Pearson Education - 2007


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