Make Money with Your Camcorder and PC

Make Money with Your Camcorder and PC

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How can you quickly make money at home and online with your digital 8 video camcorder, your personal computer, some software such as PhotoShop and Windows XP, and perhaps, your digital camera? You can develop training materials for businesses or students. Prepare reports, a video news clipping service, package information or products. For every service or product sold, somebody can benefit by writing how-to or learning/training materials. Here are more than 25 different stay-at-home businesses that you can operate online with your digital 8 camcorder and your personal computer as a low-capital start-up business. The creative home-based persona€™s guide to making money online with a digital 8 video camcorder, digital camera, a Personal Computer, and Video-Editing Software. Make money with your digital video camcorder and Your PC. Create training materials, business reports, services, or entertainment in a home-based business online with your personal computer. Calling all creative people to write and/or produce digital 8 camcorder videos or still picture scrapbooks and databases with sound, video, text, and graphics in their PCs. The movie-making process in Windows XP starts as you first capture home or instructional videos with your camera. People remember seven items in short-term memory. So anything you create would be better off it it came in a package or database, advertisement, or training segment based on remembering seven items. Submit what youa€™ve developed on a Tuesday, the most productive day of the week, and present only seven items to remember in a segment.Chapter. 39. FREELANCE. WRITERS. IN. E_P. UBLISHING. In recent years, new small online digital media writing, electronic publishing, and information ... Many of these small businesses are being started by writers over the age of 60.

Title:Make Money with Your Camcorder and PC
Author:Anne Hart
Publisher:iUniverse - 2002-03-01


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