Make More Donuts!

Make More Donuts!

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This is the story about a fictitious donut factory where all they do is make donuts. The production manager, a curious fellow with an even curious-er name -Mr. Sales Manager, is in charge of collecting the donuts and taking them to his regional manager, who then passes them on to the factory owner. One day Sales Manager's boss came to him with a direct order - have to make more donuts!q In fact they wanted Sales to make twice as many donuts, without adding staff or any other support (sound familiar?). Well like most people, Sales Manager was stressed about how this was going to happen. But like a good soldier he went to work trying to make it happen, but nothing worked. Until one day a savior arrived with a different approach to making more donuts. This is the story of that stranger and how his unique and simple ideas transformed the life of one Sales Manager, and helped him achieve his goals! Perhaps you know a Sales Manager in your life who could use the same ideas to create more dough!If you see donut making as just the best efforts of a collection of people doing it, youa#39;ll be subject to whatever outcomes they feel like creating. 2. Involve Your People In Creating the Best Practices Process. A great way to get everyone buyinganbsp;...

Title:Make More Donuts!
Author:Greg Bennett - 2015-01-21


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