Making Bank

Making Bank

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If you find yourself among the staggering 90 percent of the U.S. adult population that was never offered a personal finance course in high school, then consider this required reading. Claudio M. Ghipsmann, a former Wall Street vice president, unravels the mystery behind banking, investing, and personal finance. With this essential, easy-to-understand guide, you will learn: *How to properly manage your balance sheeta€”and never live paycheck to paycheck again *How to manage your credit score and wipe out your debt *How to take advantage of the greatest secret in personal financea€”the risk-free real return *How to tell whether you are overpaying for real estate or getting a bargain *How to assess your risk tolerance and construct and rebalance your own investment portfolio *How to manage accounting and financial statementsa€”without ever hearing the words debit and credit *How a lack of financial education in our schools helped cause the economic crisis, and why the government's proposed solutions won't help you Take charge of your financial future using the lessons found in Making Bank, and become financially securea€”or even wealthy!In Joea#39;s case, he did a great job saving his money and was able to generate $11, 716 in cash during the year and save ... Budgets: They Help You Hold On to Your Money Knowing how to hold on to your money is one thing; actually doing it is aanbsp;...

Title:Making Bank
Author:Claudio M. Ghipsmann
Publisher:BookPros, LLC - 2010


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