Making Habits, Breaking Habits

Making Habits, Breaking Habits

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Say you want to start going to the gym or practicing a musical instrument. How long should it take before you stop having to force it and start doing it automatically? The surprising answers are found in Making Habits, Breaking Habits, a psychologista€™s popular examination of one of the most powerful and under-appreciated processes in the mind. Although people like to think that they are in control, much of human behavior occurs without any decision-making or conscious thought. Drawing on hundreds of fascinating studies, psychologist Jeremy Dean busts the myths to finally explain why seemingly easy habits, like eating an apple a day, can be surprisingly difficult to form, and how to take charge of your braina€™s natural a€œautopilota€ to make any change stick. Witty and intriguing, Making Habits, Breaking Habits shows how behavior is more than just a product of what you think. It is possible to bend your habits to your willa€”and be happier, more creative, and more productive.Why We Do Things, Why We Dona#39;t, and How to Make Any Change Stick Jeremy Dean ... When popcorn-eating habits were weaker, though, people behaved more like rational, thoughtful human beings, by eating less of the stale popcorn.

Title:Making Habits, Breaking Habits
Author:Jeremy Dean
Publisher:Da Capo Press - 2013-01-01


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