Making Lemonade Out of Everything

Making Lemonade Out of Everything

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This book is a first-person account about growing up poor in small-town America. It is a diary of sorts, a memoir, about life as perceived by a fictional boy from a fictional family living in a fictional town. The chapters are compilations of similar experiences and venues about school, girls, family, living without money, and social challenges. a€œMaking lemonade out of everythinga€ is a figure of speech, a metaphor for how people make do with nothing. For example, integrating Chevy parts into a Ford; making a wheel barrel out of oak, nails, and a lawn mower wheel; feeding a family for under ten dollars a week; and entertaining yourself on a rainy Saturday playing with Moma€™s clothespins and pie pans. The context for the story is introduced through third-party narration in chapters 1 and 2 and then transitions to a first-party account by a boy named William Seabold. Everyone called him Bill.A Barbie doll cutout kit for Peggy; a cowboy and Indian set with eight little green plastic figures for Waitsel; brown cotton work gloves and Red Man chewing ... I finished with a five pound canned ham, some butter, milk and a box of confectionary sugar so Mom could ice the cake. Total cost, including wrapping paper, scotch tape and a box of icicle decorations came to $23.42. ... a€œIt does come in handy.

Title:Making Lemonade Out of Everything
Author:J. Wayne Stillwell
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2015-04-22


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