Making Money with Storage Auctions

Making Money with Storage Auctions

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It is a little known fact that all across America each month, thousands of storage units are auctioned off because the tenants have failed to pay the rent. The vast majority of these units will be sold well below what they are worth. This creates an opportunity for the ambitious, risk taking investor. It is possible to buy these units and profit from the sale of the items they contain. I, personally, have seen profits in one day that put a years worth of stock market gains to shame. You might ask yourself why you have not heard about these opportunities before. Well, the answer is that auction buyers know how much money they can make and are careful not to reveal their secrets. Inside this book, I break this code of silence. Learn how you can take part in this great opportunity!He rents a storage space and uses it as a workshop for this hobby. ... You can rent storage spaces in many different sizes. ... that you are renting and the access to the space, as well as real estate costs in the city where the space is located.

Title:Making Money with Storage Auctions
Author:Edward Busoni - 2008-03


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