Making Physics Fun

Making Physics Fun

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Boost student interest and understanding in the physical sciences! Teaching physical science in the elementary and middle grades can be challenging for busy teachers faced with growing demands and limited resources. Robert Prigo provides fun and engaging activities using safe, available materials that educators can easily incorporate into lesson plans. Extensive examples, sample inquiry questions, and ideas for initiating units are readily available for teachers to pick and choose from to meet student needs. The result of more than two decades of professional development work with hundreds of teachers and administrators, this resource addresses specific areas of physical science, including motion and force, waves and sound, light and electromagnetic waves, and more. Dozens of activities demonstrating physics in action help students of all ages relate physics principles to their everyday experiences. This practitioner-friendly resource helps teachers: a€c Address the qbig ideasq in Ka€“8 science education a€c Promote student understanding with ready-to-use learning experiences a€c Use hands-on activities to help students make larger, real-world connections a€c Assemble classroom learning centers to facilitate deeper understanding of basic physics principles With conceptual summaries to support teachers' proficiency and understanding of the content, this guidebook is ideal for bringing physics to life for students in the classroom and in their lives!of each car. With one cart initially moving toward a cart at rest, the equal and opposite forces will decelerate the moving ... You will also need to locate a piece of cardboard (poster board) or a piece of blue board (used for house insulation) andanbsp;...

Title:Making Physics Fun
Author:Robert Prigo
Publisher:Skyhorse Publishing, Inc. - 2015-02-10


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