Making Rights Real

Making Rights Real

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Ita€™s a common complaint: the United States is overrun by rules and procedures that shackle professional judgment, have no valid purpose, and serve only to appease courts and lawyers. Charles R. Epp argues, however, that few Americans would want to return to an era without these legalistic policies, which in the 1970s helped bring recalcitrant bureaucracies into line with a growing national commitment to civil rights and individual dignity. Focusing on three disparate policy areasa€”workplace sexual harassment, playground safety, and police brutality in both the United States and the United Kingdoma€”Epp explains how activists and professionals used legal liability, lawsuit-generated publicity, and innovative managerial ideas to pursue the implementation of new rights. Together, these strategies resulted in frameworks designed to make institutions accountable through intricate rules, employee training, and managerial oversight. Explaining how these practices became ubiquitous across bureaucratic organizations, Epp casts todaya€™s legalistic state in an entirely new light.B. McAllister, a€œSpurred by Dramatic Rise in Lawsuits, Police Agencies Warm to Accreditation, a€ Washington Post, March 17, 1987; see also Sheldon ... Leon R. Kutzke, a€œThe Department Manual: An Organizational Necessity, a€ Police Chief, December 1980, 46a€“47. ... by and against Officers, a€ Police Chief, August 1985, 56a€“58; and Virginia Fazo, a€œUse of Deadly Force, a€ Police Chief, August 1985, 54a€“ 55, at 54.

Title:Making Rights Real
Author:Charles R. Epp
Publisher:University of Chicago Press - 2010-02-15


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