Making Sculpture from Scrap Metal

Making Sculpture from Scrap Metal

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Transforming unlikely pieces of scrap metal into significant works of art - giving new life to things we throw away - is an accessible, creative and fulfilling activity. This book describes and illustrates the concerns and techniques involved in making this kind of sculpture, looking behind the work at the richness and diversity of an area of sculpture that deserves to be far better known. Topics covered include the role and purpose of sculpture, the particular qualities of sculpture made from scrap metal and the practical processes involved in its making. It also covers sources of scrap metal, identifying metals, reviewing metalworking techniques, creative approaches, different types of sculpture, and the making, finishing and installation of pieces of sculpture. This book will be of great interest to blacksmiths, sculptors and metalworkers and is beautifully illustrated with 108 colour photographs from work by professional sculptors and students, showcasing a range of different approaches.Scrap metal yards: Often listed under a#39;Scrap Metal Merchantsa#39; or a#39;Metal Recyclinga#39; , these yards are by far the most reliable ... However, as an indication of relative values, in June 2014 the prices a scrapyard would buy in metal by weight putsanbsp;...

Title:Making Sculpture from Scrap Metal
Author:Peter Parkinson
Publisher:Crowood - 2015-09-30


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