Making Soda Cultures At Home

Making Soda Cultures At Home

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Ever wonder how to make your own home made soda's fizz? This book will teach you how to make soda cultures to create carbonation in your home made sodas. Making your own soda's at home lets you create a healthy beverage at home with a fraction of the sugar of commercially made beverages. You don't have to feel guilty about giving your kids a soda pop or even drinking one yourself. You can enjoy your own homemade soda at home just by using the information in this book to start your own soda culture. The process of fermenting your own sodas to create carbonation makes your beverages more of a healthy drink instead of a sugar filled pop. The process actually creates beneficial enzymes and even can help your digestive system. By making your own beverages at home you also know what ingredients you're putting into your body because you made it. Another wonderful aspect is you control the sugar. This book covers making a soda culture in a step by step format with illustrations. Look for upcoming books in this series of making the sodas.Making Homemade Sodas Vol 1 Robin Nelson-Shellenbarger ... Every night before bed stir vigorously again. ... is finished or done enough to use there should be a nice layer of bubbles on the top and it should fizz a bit like a partially flat soda.

Title:Making Soda Cultures At Home
Author:Robin Nelson-Shellenbarger
Publisher:Booktango - 2014-03-12


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