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John Lutz traces Aboriginal people's involvement in the new economy, and their displacement from it, from the arrival of the first Europeans to the 1970s. Drawing on an extensive array of oral histories, manuscripts, newspaper accounts, biographies, and statistical analysis, Lutz shows that Aboriginal people flocked to the workforce and prospered in the late nineteenth century. He argues that the roots of today's widespread unemployment and qwelfare dependencyq date only from the 1950s, when deliberate and inadvertent policy choices ii½ what Lutz terms the qwhite problemq drove Aboriginal people out of the capitalist, wage, and subsistence economies, offering them welfare as qcompensation.qIn 1861 the Victoria Colonist described the Indiansa#39; a€œhabits of indolence, roaming propensities, and natural repugnance for manual labour, a€ but in 1860 it had noted a€œthat most of the laboring work done about town is performed by Indians.

Author:John Sutton Lutz
Publisher:UBC Press - 2009-01-01


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