Malaya House

Malaya House

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Three distinct and very different ethnic groups, Malays, Chinese, and Indians, combined to form the populous of Malaysia. The nation evolved from a feudal colonial society into a singular, modern-day peaceful country. Malaysia's contributions to world affairs are significant, but as a country, it's often overlooked as a player on the world stage. During the past one hundred twenty years, Malaysia has made huge strides into the twenty-first century. The country's global evolvement from a shambled and discombobulated, piecemeal feudal system into a modern, unified powerhouse is a remarkable feat. Incredibly, despite undue external political pressures from the West and religious pressures from the Middle East, Malaysia has somehow mastered the technique of blending the best of the East and the West to form its own singular independent identity. The characters in the short stories of Malaya House reflect the temperament and social commentary of the times as well as the gradual evolvement and eventual maturity of a developing nation. They also illustrate how the citizens of Malaysia have decided that they can get along, put past hatred and racism aside, and show the world that people from all persuasions can live in relative peace and tolerance with Islam as their central core.So obnoxious is the aroma, from this fruit that it drives away anyone who has never eaten one before. To open the skin and gain access to the Duriana#39;s flesh is not easy; as the skin is very hard, tough, and durable, with skin that has sharpanbsp;...

Title:Malaya House
Author:Eric Mawson
Publisher:iUniverse - 2007-06


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