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The members of two dysfunctional criminal organizations operating on either side of the Mississippi River at St. Louis become trapped by fate between outcast FBI agents and a local militia group. Mix in a daring, yet largely involuntary, escape orchestrated by two competing Colombian drug cartels, an introverted accountant, his floozy girlfriend who has a serious drinking problem, one mysterious helicopter pilot, the leader of a large Baptist church, several unsuspecting federal prisoners, and a disabled former FBI agent and all hell breaks loose in the shadow of the Gateway Arch.The last time you gave him your car it took a tow truck, three weeks and six hundred dollars in repairs to get it back. ... Les Paul? Who the fuck is Les Paul?a€ Anthony started to speak, to defend the artista#39;s worldwide reputation, Malfeasance 90.

Author:James E. Wollrab
Publisher:iUniverse - 2002-06-01


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