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What is it like to be suddenly rich beyond your wildest dreams? What is it like to discover how deeply your hatred of rapist is? What is it like to become a government assassin to fill that hatred? Discover the dangers of being rich as you follow birth and growth of Mamba through these discoveries. Paula Fisher is a strikingly beautiful dark haired woman with a deep hatred of all men. Alone in the jungle of darkest Africa she is attacked by a rich Baron. Killing her attacker, Paula suddenly finds herself rich beyond her wildest dreams. She discovers that her hatred of men has changed when she falls in love. Paula assumes a new persona to match her new hatred. As Mamba she sets out on a quest to kill all the rich rapist she can. With the help of her new found love and a killer for hire she begins her quest only to find confusion and despair as she fights for her life and fortune.Right now their instructions were to collect and discard the eggs after Marcia had taken what she needed. Later they would be ... Paula hadna#39;t started the process of injecting snake venom into the chickens yet. A couple of days after her ad foranbsp;...

Author:J. R. Brice
Publisher:Trafford Publishing - 2011-06-15


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