Mammal Teeth

Mammal Teeth

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His book is a must-read for paleontologists, mammalogists, and anthropologists.Tooth structure, types, and directions: A, section through the lower first molar (M1) of a dog, Canis lupus; B, buccal, or lateral, view of the left ... Rodents and rabbits have sharpened, ever-growing incisors for gnawing, colugos have comblike incisors with prongs for grooming or ... Like the incisors, though, canines can have accessory cusps or additional roots. These teeth vary in both size and shape, and in some cases, such as in cats and many primates, they are long and daggerlike.

Title:Mammal Teeth
Author:Peter S. Ungar
Publisher:JHU Press - 2010-12-01


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