Mammoth Books presents The Case of the Last Battle

Mammoth Books presents The Case of the Last Battle

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While Watson has been busy ministering the sick during the war, Holmes has been immersed in a top-secret case. Watson is instructed to take care of the seriously ill Chancellor, Prince Max, who has the potential to overrule General Ludendorff and bring about peace. Yet with Prince Max's condition worsening and so little time, Watson and Holmes must work on decoding the President of the United States letter which contains information and instructions that are essential to restore peace.At least we do start with some advantages. ... Since the first two letters here are PM and the last WW, surely itis probable that these stand for Prince Maxand Woodrow Wilson. ... I returned to the prince, who was struggling to get out of bed, and administereda small dose of morphine. ... For, as long ashe refused to accept thereality of Germanya#39;s sure defeat, and as long as theofficer corps retained their anbsp;...

Title:Mammoth Books presents The Case of the Last Battle
Author:L. B. Greenwood
Publisher:Hachette UK - 2012-05-17


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