Man Camp

Man Camp

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A biologist studying patterns of sexual selection, Lucy Stone knows a lot about matinga€“particularly that in the animal kingdom, males will go to any length to attract females. Why, then, are their human counterparts so hopeless in courtship? This is the question that Lucy and her best friend, Martha McKenna, struggle to answer. Consider Adam, Lucya€™s boyfriend of two years, who demonstrates on an ostensibly romantic camping trip that he cana€™t build a fire, split wood, or jump-start a car. Worse still, hea€™s scared to go into the woods after dark. Or take Jesse, Marthaa€™s younger brother, an opera aficionado and neurotic extraordinaire who cana€™t summon the courage to make the first move on the woman hea€™s crazy about. And what about the extensive list of men with whom Martha has endured the torments of the first date. But then therea€™s Cooper Tuckington, Lucya€™s best friend from college. Born and bred on his familya€™s West Virginia dairy farm, Cooper fits anyonea€™s description of a mana€™s man, and yet he is chivalrous and charming. During his annual visit to New York City, he rewires Lucya€™s lamps, builds her shelves, and holds forth on subjects from great painters to the great outdoors, all the while pulling out chairs and opening doors for the ladies. Surely, think Martha and Lucy, the men in their lives would benefit from the tutelage of someone who knows how to treat a woman. Thus, Man Camp is born. With a little feminine persuasion, Lucy and Martha convince Adam, Jesse, and a handful of their other male acquaintances to visit Coopera€™s farm, where they will learn everything a guy should know, from cars to carpentry to chivalrya€“and thata€™s just the Ca€™s. But life on the farm isna€™t exactly as it seemsa€“and the boys soon prove themselves in ways the women would never have imagined. In the process, Lucy and Martha themselves learn a good bit about life and love. The perfect cana€™t-put-it-down novel for all of us whoa€™ve needed to bring out the inner man in the men we love, Man Camp is a brilliant, witty, and insightful romp through the wilds of dating and mating. From the Hardcover edition.His face is sweet, lean, and freckled, with bashful brown eyes, and he has the kind of curly blond hair you find on little boys at the beach. a€œIs this place okay?a€ he asks. Theya#39;re sitting across from each other on high stools at a round table in a lively microbrewery in the Flatiron District. ... Martha can relate to confidence problems, having navigated much of her dating life in character, imitating women she 63anbsp;...

Title:Man Camp
Author:Adrienne Brodeur
Publisher:Ballantine Books - 2007-12-18


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