Man Talk - The Manual

Man Talk - The Manual

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David Hughes enjoyed a long career as a secondary-school teacher and his pupils used to say of him that although he was not always right, by golly he was never wrong. He is certainly never one to follow fashions blindly or to accept without thinking the views of those around him. He is always prepared to listen carefully to the arguments of others. He likes a good debate. He is always asking questions. Here he expounds the common-sense ideas he has formed about humankind and the world of today and he attempts to explain why so many of the changes he has seen during his lifetime have not been for the better.Just a tiny twinkle in your eyes and the slightest of smiles can be worth far more than twenty or more spoken or written words. Spoken or completely displaced words can do more damage and hurt than any hard slap or punch ever can.

Title:Man Talk - The Manual
Author:David Hughes
Publisher:Andrews UK Limited - 2015-06-08


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