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The management and managerial leadership theories of eminent management thinkers, taught in the business schools, are thought-provoking; but relevant, perhaps, only to the era and the environment of their research and development. The effectiveness of these theories needs a re-assessment of their universal application in the globalised environment of the current era. To put it differently, traditional leadership styles of managers are being put to test in a culturally complex environment. The objective of this book is to evolve an effective managerial leadership to match the demands of the multicultural organisations, through a down-to-earth tangible and practical approach. Unifying the diverse categories of employees with different value systems, attitudes, lifestyles, behaviour patterns and linguistic abilities, is a complex and inescapable challenge to the managerial leadership. What we fail to notice is the significance of the power of positive managerial leadershipa€“what is appropriate and what is outdated. The book contains numerous absolutely progressive and innovative concepts, methods and approaches which could help reorient managerial leadership behaviour of global managers and re-architect the organisations to which they belong. The author has undertaken detailed analysis of some of the important management theories taught in business schools, including their strengths and weaknesses. The book clarifies, conceptualises and recommends significant aspects of institutionalised positive managerial leadership in organisations. The important milestones are influence of culture on employee behaviour, positive organisational culture, profile of positive managerial leadership, their changing motivational roles, organisational assimilations of multicultural employees, new approach to employee welfare and some suggestions to evolve a future-ready achievable dream organisation. The following fresh concepts have been integrated with the discussion in the book: a€c Environmental Energy Effects (3Es); and their effects on organisational culture. a€c Emotional Environmental Energy Effects (E3Es) and their influence on interpersonal relationships. a€c Therapy for Quality of Life (TQL), a well-researched concept for actualising and operationalising the manager's concern for employees and their families. a€c Managing by Influence, a wholesome method of motivating and leading employees for raising their performance standard and dynamically contributing to their organisation. This book responds to the dynamic issues confronting the existing and emerging work culture in the corporate world. It is an ideal source for the management students, engineering students and the practising managers to gain a solid understanding of complex problems of modern managerial leadership, the subject matter of this book.Department of Sociology: Henry Ford of Ford Motors, in 1914, was faced with high employee turnover, absenteeism, low ... downturn or financial crisis the management and leadership skills of the so far successful managers will be put to test.

Publisher:PHI Learning Pvt. Ltd. - 2013-02-13


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