Managing Risk in the Financial System

Managing Risk in the Financial System

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Incisive, authoritative and thoughtful, this important and timely collection of papers exploring the unresolved issues left by the recent global financial turmoil, will undoubtedly shape the policy responses to come. Interdisciplinary in approach and wide-ranging in jurisdictional scope, it draws together influential commentators, practitioners and regulators, to create a new milestone in the search for the fundamentals of a more stable global financial system.? - Eva Lomnicka, King?s College London, UK ?This book contains a large number of chapters, nearly 30 in all, by acknowledged experts on various aspects of the recent financial crisis. Whichever aspect of this crisis that may interest you, such as bank taxes, deposit insurance, TBTF and how to respond, cross-border issues, and many, many others, you will find chapters that are both authoritative and stimulating in this collection. The editors are to be congratulated not only in their selection of authors but also in the speed with which they have taken them from conference presentation to book chapter.? - Charles Goodhart, London School of Economics, UK Managing Risk in the Financial System makes important and timely contributions to our knowledge and understanding of banking law, financial institution restructuring and related considerations, through the production of an innovative, international and interdisciplinary set of contributions which link law and policy issues surrounding systemic risk and crisis management. The recent financial crisis has exposed both the banking industry and financial system safety net players in many countries to a considerable level of distress as well as economic and reputational damage. These circumstances have heightened the need for policymakers to consider remedial measures under a broad umbrella that encompass inter alia prompt corrective actions, early closure of distressed entities, deposit insurance, bail-outs, state-aid, bank resolution and restructuring techniques. These essays provide an important contribution to research in this area, at a crucial time in the debate around the future financial industry. ContributorsSee Gray, D. F. and A. A. Jobst, 2009, a#39;Higher Moments and Multivariate Dependence of Implied Volatilities from Equity Options ... of Systemic Riska#39;, Global Financial Stability Report, Chapter 3, April (Washington: International Monetary Fund), pp. ... a#39;Regulating Systemic Riska#39;, in: Acharya, V. V. and M. Richardson (eds), Restoring Financial Stability: How to Repair a ... the associated contingent liabilities from each bank (i.e., alpha-value times the implicit put option derived from equity).

Title:Managing Risk in the Financial System
Author:John Raymond LaBrosse, Rodrigo Olivares-Caminal, Dalvinder Singh
Publisher:Edward Elgar Publishing - 2011-01-01


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