Managing Without the CEO

Managing Without the CEO

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In this age of burgeoning technology and a global marketplace, management is rapidly becoming a lost art. Machine resources have replaced people resources, down-sizing has reached epic proportions, and the denizens of the boardroom are reaping enormous rewards. The forces that once made America great are no longer leading the charge into the future. And chief among those forces is the American worker. This book is about restoring sanity to the management of American business. It's about people, an organization's primary resource and its major source of energy and vitality. Mis-manage this resource, as so many organizations are currently doing, and a heavy price will soon be paid. This book provides the concepts and techniques for reinvigorating the only resource that's going to assure an organization's long-term growth and perpetuation. Getting CEO's out of the management business and back into the boardroom is the first step in restoring sanity and humanity to the workplace. Creating an environment in which people at all levels can release their natural tendencies to perform and create is the next step. Creating such an environment is the direct accountability of the most important members of any management team - middle managers and supervisors. qThis book is about organizational structure and accountability, about roles and responsibilities, and - most of all - about giving people back their sense of worth and self-esteem.But, by the way, I need all of you to work extra hard and extra hours to make up for our recent layoffs. ... In the 1970s, the ratio of average pay for large company CEOs to their employees was 41 to 1; in 1992 the ratio had increased to 145 to 1; ... Had the pay increases for average workers grown at the same rate as for the CEOs, a factory worker today would receive $110, 400 a year instead of $29, 270.

Title:Managing Without the CEO
Author:Jack Asgar, Richard Wigley
Publisher:Universal-Publishers - 2000-10


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