Manhattan Heat

Manhattan Heat

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DANGEROUS MEN Could your whole life change in twenty-four hours? Bennett St. Simon was about to find outa€b. One step in the wrong direction and the poor little rich girl stumbled upon a murder scenea€”and into the arms of a man who looked guilty as sin. Another step, and Memphis Modine whisked her awaya€bfrom haute couture into Hell's Kitchen. Bennett had longed for something to shatter her privileged yet humdrum existence. Her abductor definitely fit the bill. Memphis was dark, dangerousa€”and possibly dead. But he made her pulse race and her heart beat fastera€b. qMs. Orr turns up the€”The Literary Times qAlice Orr gives readers a thrilling trip, filled with fear and€”Romantic TimesThe light was not bright in the billiard room, but Bennett had no trouble making out the scene. In fact, she would never forget it as long as she lived. The first thing she noticed, oddly enough, was the way the lamp glow picked out red highlights in the mana#39;s hair as he bent over the ... there was probably in her late twenties and very pale except for the bright red lipstick and dark eyeshadow she was wearing.

Title:Manhattan Heat
Author:Alice Orr
Publisher:Harlequin - 2011-07-15


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