Manhunting in Montana

Manhunting in Montana

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The chase Photographer Cleo Griffin was frustrated. She'd become famous for her calendar shots of sexy, sweaty, muscle-bound hunksa€”but she was taking more cold showers than she was photos! She needed a man! So, on her upcoming shoot in Montana, Cleo decided to round herself up a cowboya€band keep him. The prize Rancher Tom McBride had enough trouble without some slick photographer stirring up his men. But looking at Cleo, Tom was the one getting all worked up. At first she wanted to use his photo in her calendar. Then she just wanted him. But Tom had no intention of becoming hunk or husbanda€b. Manhunting She's got a plana€”to find herself a man!Jeeter would tell him he had a sizable chip on his shoulder about it, and Jeeter would be right. ... main highway leading to the Bozeman airport, and the plastic bag of manure rested right on the dash, where the moming sun could bring out its special aroma. Hea#39;d wom his most faded blue work shirt, his most battered hat and the jeans that hea#39;d torn up on the barbed wire the last time hea#39;d been fixing fence.

Title:Manhunting in Montana
Author:Vicki Lewis Thompson
Publisher:Harlequin - 2011-07-15


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